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Sunshine Would You Do That?™ Series

The Sunshine Why Would You Do That?™ series is a look at how God can help with communications and how communications affect what you experience at work and at home. Lindsay affectionately calls the series "Sunshine Why?" The goal of the Sunshine Why?™ series is to engage, encourage and empower you to think critically, communicate deliberately and discover the Sunshine within.

Sunshine Why Would You Do That?

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“Sunshine Why Would You Do That?™

An intimate look at how women sometime behave in relationships” is a practical and inspirational read for women at all life stages. Sunshine teaches women how to think more critically, overcome past mistakes and embarrassment, and conquer private fears that restrict forward movement, and to make right relationship choices in faith and confidence.

Lindsay Brown in her Sunshine-to-Sunshine (woman-to-woman) often humorous style offers strategic advice and tactics for women's lives as caregiver, lover, leader, employee and child of God and all other hats a woman may wear. She provides tips for realizing the value of womanhood, improving self-esteem, and communicating truth. Lindsay inspires women to reach further and from the heart.

Lindsay shares life stories recognizable to most women, opposition to success practices, and candid suggestions of how to live well and maintain personal power. She assures women that positive change and new outcomes are possible.

Topic is available for: Keynote, lunch and learn, half-day workshop, and church retreat, non-profits who assist women, and tv and radio interviews. Contact Lindsay at

Sunshine Why Would You Do That? Bad Actors at the Office

Coming Fall 2020

Sunshine Why Would You Do That?™ Bad Actors at the Office

Sunshine Why Would You Do That?™ Bad Actors at the Office is a practical and inspirational look at conflict communication and group process in the workplace. This books discusses communications that are embarrassing, makes you hot under the collar, and leave you speechless or biting your tongue still it bleeds. Lindsay provides tips on how to resolve conflict situations using proven communication methods and interventions. You can handle conflict with poise, directness, and peace.